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2018 - Meet On The Ledge - Castles in the Clouds EP 

Seven track, 33 minute EP featuring a title track written by Phil Vickers, along with some new and reworked MOTL songs and a couple of surprises.

1. Castles in the Clouds

2. Dance Around the Spinning Wheel

3. The Ploughboy Lads

4. The Litten Tree (Festive Remix)

5. Godspeed

6. Castles in the Clouds (Piano & Vocal Mix)

7. Long Shadows (Rehearsal Room 2012)

2018 - Allen Maslen - The Shipping Forecast (Download Album) £4.99

Two years in the making, The Shipping Forecast was written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of this classic British institution. Featuring sixteen instrumental tracks, one for each of the shipping areas which makes contact with the UK mainland. Composed and produced by MOTL's Allen Maslen, who plays every instrument, including various guitars, bouzouki, ukulele, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion, accordion, violin and digital bagpipes!  Oh, and glockenspiel. 

2016 - Ron Holmes - Vintage (Download Album) £4.99

Ron Holmes sings a collection of his favourite songs from a vocal career spanning six decades, including some of the numbers that inspired him to become a singer in the first place, from artists as diverse as The Beatles, Neil Young, James Taylor and Richard Thompson.

2015 - Meet On The Ledge - Live at The Tump (Download Album) £4.99

We think this might be a first for the music industry: a live album recorded in one evening with a pre-set release date four weeks later, so no time to re-record, overdub or repair any mistakes. And here they all are! Recorded in front of a sell-out audience of 50 people at Coventry's intimate Tump Folk Club. 

2012 - Meet On The Ledge - Long Shadows (Download Album) £4.99

Recorded in 2012, Long Shadows is the only album to feature the four-piece lineup of Ron Holmes, Allen Maslen, Phil Dipple and Phil Vickers. Features many songs which have since become fans' favourites, including The Prickleye Bush, Travelin' Soldier, Go Lassie Go and One More Time.

2003 - Allen Maslen - Ten Folk Songs (Download Album) £4.99

Released in 2003, this intimate, unplugged album features a mixture or original and traditional songs recorded "as live" in the studio with mimimal overdubbing and studio trickery. Al's stripped down treatment of his own 'Warwick Road' met with much critical acclaim, while 'Albion' has become a regular on many worldwide folk radio shows.

2002 - Meet On The Ledge - Decoration Day (Download Album) £4.99

Arguably MOTL's most accomplished studio outing to date, recorded over several months in the winter and spring of 2001-2002 and featuring the five-piece lineup for the last time. The album spawned many fans' favourites that remain in the live set to this day, including 'The Traitor's Tale,' 'Athenry2K' and the title track 'Decoration Day.' 

2000 - Meet On The Ledge - Duck Soup (Download Album) £4.99

After spending just four days recording the classic 'Portugese Handshake', MOTL went to town on 'Duck Soup' and spent a full eight days in the studio! The result is described by leading folk journalist Pete Fyfe (The Living Tradition) as 'rich guitars, sonorous violin - exactly the sort of band I would have liked to have played with."

1998 - Meet On The Ledge - The Portugese Handshake (Download Album) £4.99

MOTL's most critically acclaimed album, partly because of the inclusion of 'The Mary Stanford of Rye' which has become a folk classic, recorded by numerous artistes worldwide. In 1999, in one of the first ever internet forum surveys (Mandolinking) it was voted Best Folk Rock Album of All Time.

1996 - Meet On The Ledge - The Queen of Spain's Beard (Download Album) £4.99

Recorded and mixed in three days at a time when the MOTL  duo (Ron and Al) were one of the busiest and hardest working acts on the Midlands bar and folk club scene. The material reflects the band's repertoire at the time - plenty of pub singalong favourites - but the inclusion of two original songs - 'Spanish Ships' and 'Warwick Road' were a sign of things to come.