A rare chance to catch two members of MOTL completely unplugged, with no wires, pedals, smoke machines and electronic trickery. 'MOTL light' as one supporter put it. Now, there's two words you don't often hear in the same sentence.

Ron is working on an album of cover songs featuring material he grew up with; the songs that inspired him to take up the guitar and start singing.

Come and join us at The Tump Folk Club in Coventry for a truly intimate evening of songs you will probably remember from James Taylor, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Joe Cocker, Tim Hardin, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Lennon and McCartney and a few more.

All seats are 5, and you can reserve yours by calling 07986 306636.

More details at The Tump's Facebook page.

Fans'/friends' feedback so far . . .

"Bloody brilliant." Simon, Burnley.
"Sounding better than ever." Shirley.
"Pretty damn fine." Mary.
"Amazing as ever." Scott, Newark.
"Top notch . . . I've been hopping around the kitchen like a loon." Nick, Leamington Spa.


CD in stock now. Go to the Shop >>

And . . .

The latest album, recorded in one evening at The Tump Folk Club, Coventry. Over an hour of MOTL favourites along with five songs previously unavailable on MOTL albums, including 2015's festival show-stopper, the chaps' version of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.

1. Norwegian Whaler
2. John Barleycorn
3. Banks of the Roses / Rakes of Kildare
4. Dance Around the Spinning Wheel
5. Benjamin Bowmaneer
6. The Mary Stanford of Rye
7. The Mirror
8. One More Time (Before You Go)
9. Scare Easy

10. Song For Mick
11. Dark Tale
12. Meet On The Ledge / Comfortably Numb

The Collection 1992 - 2012

Album 7.99

The new compilation album featuring 36 original and traditional tracks, available to download now at iTunes. More>>

1. One More Time (Before You Go)
2. The Mirror
3. Beyond the Moon
4. Go Lassie Go
5. Only Angels (Previously Unreleased Version, feat. Mick Shaler)
6. Freeze
7. Claudy Banks
8. With These Hands
9. The Mary Stanford of Rye

10. Mercia
11. Gas Street Shuffle
12. Benjamin Bowmaneer
13. The Traitor's Tale
14. The Kidsgrove Boggart
15. Spanish Ships
16. Whiskey in the Jar
17. Norwegian Whaler
18. Bohemian Sea Shanty
19. Prickleye Bush
20. Banks of the Roses / Rakes of Kildare
21. The River and the Well
22. Dark Tale
23. Ramble Away
24. Spanish Lady
25. One For His Nob (The Cribbage Song)
26. Tixall Wide
27. Long Shadows
28. The Queen of Spain's Beard
29. Decoration Day
30. The Murdering of Edwin Jones
31. Harbour Light
32. The Wire Line
33. The Litten Tree
34. Matty Groves
35. My True Love is a Caveman
36. Warwick Road (Soundcheck 2006)


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